Information about hyperventilation by chartered physiotherapists specialised in the management of breathing pattern disorders


This website is run by chartered physiotherapists registered with the Health Professions Council and specialising in the treatment of disordered breathing, including Hyperventilation.

If you have been diagnosed with Hyperventilation (also called over breathing or HVS), or think you or someone you know may have this problem, you will find a wealth of information here to help you find a solution.

Areas you can find out more about include:

 What is hyperventilation?
 Symptoms & Causes
 Diagnosis and self-assessment
 Seeking professional help
 Complementary therapies
 Extras, e.g. advice sheets/books/

If you are a physiotherapist wanting more information about the management of breathing disorders, you should find pages of interest on this site, including:

 Reading Material
 Research references

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